Corporate Profile

HDA Architects, LLC was originally formed in 1989, with a vision to assemble a team of highly committed staff, specializing in the design of public facilities. From inception, the firm’s goal has been to provide every client with the very best architectural/engineering services available. We are committed to providing our clients with facilities that are aesthetically and functionally appropriate, constructed on time, within budget, and meet their needs.

Principal Involvement:
The principal-in-charge maintains a high degree of decision-making authority within the project team, relying on strong technically oriented professionals. The principal-in-charge will provide strong leadership and hands-on involvement from the very beginning of each project, through the warranty period. This involvement is one of the strengths of our firm, which greatly benefits the client. Having a principal of the firm personally involved fosters single-point communication, crisp decision-making and continuous coordination throughout each project.

Outside Engineering Consultants:
HDA uses outside engineering consultants when the scope of work dictates. In this way, we are able to retain the very best engineering services for each specific project. Typically, civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, food service, and landscape specialists are selected to work as our consultants. Only firms demonstrating the highest standard of excellence and successful past performance are retained for our work.

Fully Owned

Affiliated Company:
HDA Design Group

Corporate Office:
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459 N. Gilbert Road, Suite C-200
Gilbert, AZ 85234
P: (480) 539-8800
F: (480) 539-8608