Legend Springs Elementary School
[ Phoenix, Arizona ]

Legend Springs Elementary School is sited in a developed residential area in Glendale.  Residential streets on two sides border the triangular 12.6-acre site, with primary access from Arrowhead Loop Road.  The site slopes approximately seven feet from north to south.

With all access limited to Arrowhead Loop Road, a campus-type plan was developed with four buildings:  Administration, Media Center, Kindergarten Classrooms, and Multi-Purpose Building.  All buildings are grouped around a circular courtyard with the two-story classroom on the north side, multi-purpose building on the south, and administration/media center/kindergarten to the east.

The major design challenge required the mitigation of the height of the two-story classroom building, which is sited closest to residences to the north, and to minimize the visual mass of the multi-purpose building.  This was accomplished using integrally colored concrete masonry exterior walls.  The end walls of each building are curved in plan and elevation, to soften the visual impact and reduce the scale of the taller buildings.  A layering system of various textures and colors is used.  The base of each building consists of charcoal split-faced units topped by a bank of autumn colored regular CMU.  The upper portion of the straight walls are single score CMU in a purple haze color.  The curved walls are charcoal split-faced units with interspersed bands of regular, autumn colored units.

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