Mountain Ridge High School
[ Phoenix, Arizona ]

The design for Mountain Ridge High School was intended to break down the social scale of a large high school, by creating “neighborhoods” to which students could more easily develop a sense of identity and belonging.  Each of the four separate neighborhoods center around a technology plaza that serves all departments.  These technology plazas are large computer-oriented research labs and hands-on science experimentation centers (10) that are physically located in the middle of each academic area, to support and augment all facets of the educational curriculum.  All labs have computer networking capabilities and space for lectures.  Mountain Ridge incorporates a campus-style design with separate academic, administration, fine arts, and cafeteria buildings, along with a physical education building and accompanying athletic fields and equipment.

Fully Owned

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HDA Design Group

Corporate Office:
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459 N. Gilbert Road, Suite C-200
Gilbert, AZ 85234
P: (480) 539-8800
F: (480) 539-8608