Pinnacle High School
[ Phoenix, Arizona]

This fifth high school for the Paradise Valley Unified School District incorporates seven buildings. The majority of the classrooms are in two buildings. Each of those two buildings is two-story steel frame construction, allowing for life cycle flexibility. One building houses English, social studies, and business classes. The other building accommodates math, science, vocational technology, and a fully-functioning day care training facility.

The educational concept incorporates the cutting edge of technology and curriculum delivery. In addition to exploring an integrated curriculum, flexibility in the physical plant and its systems will contribute to program adaptability. Technology will be central to the organization, and multiple food courts integrated with interior/exterior spaces will enhance the quality of life.

The seven buildings define a courtyard that will be used for dining and outdoor activities. Site circulation separates bus traffic from student traffic, and creates a separate parking area for staff and visitors.

Pinnacle High School includes a physical education building designed with public access in mind. The facilities for this school were so well received that it has been used by one of the teams playing in the Fiesta Bowl, Notre Dame, for final preparations and practice prior to the game.  The building was positioned on the campus to allow the YMCA to operate within the building and have access to racquetball, tennis, and exterior basketball courts. The design seeks to make it as easy as possible for “campus outsiders” to use the facilities.

The auditorium is state-of-the-art and has a seating capacity of 800.  Unique features of the seating layout are the lecture pods that can either function independently or be included in the auditorium space. This gives the flexibility of three meeting spaces or one large meeting space. Also included is a “black box” performance space that provides a completely flexible environment with no fixed seating.

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