Rancho Mirage High School
[ Rancho Mirage, California ]

Rancho Mirage High School is the newest high school in the Palm Springs Unified School District.  After start of design, the project was put on hold for 2 years due to an environmental and air quality study that surrounding residents required before construction could proceed.  Through the process, HDA was able to make design adjustments to address the residents’ concerns while providing the school district with a quality campus. 

The courtyard design is intended to provide a safe area for student interaction, and is protected by the seven buildings on campus.  This is a comprehensive high school and has all the standard academic and athletic facilities.

There is currently a considerable emphasis throughout California using a separate line in the statewide bond to provide additional funding grants as incentive to provide a focus on career-technical education.  The grant award process is very rigorous, requiring ties to local businesses that fit into the matrix of career pathways established by the state. This campus incorporates state of the art facilities for such programs, which sets it apart from all other high schools in the district.


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