Carol Rae Ranch Elementary School
[ Gilbert, Arizona ]

Carol Rae Ranch Elementary School used the same single-story prototype design that had been used for six previously constructed Gilbert schools.  The design was also successfully incorporated into the Alhambra School District.  The building is separated into an administration area, a kindergarten through 4th grade area, a 5th and 6th grade area, and a common-use area. The common-use area, centrally located within the facility, consists of food service, multi-purpose space, and bank area.

This single-story prototype design has been successfully implemented in the following projects:

Gilbert School District

  • Harris Elementary
  • Playa del Rey Elementary
  • Mesquite Elementary
  • Town Meadows Elementary
  • Sonoma Ranch Elementary
  • Oak Tree Elementary

Alhambra School District

  • Granada Primary
  • Montebello Elementary
  • Andalucia Primary
  • Sevilla Elementary
  • Carol G. Peck Primary

Coolidge School District

  • San Tan Heights Elementary

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